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Best Wireshark Alternatives Android

Android has become the world’s leading mobile operating system; With this in mind, the International Institute of Cyber Security (IICS) tries to keep users updated on the latest hacking and security trends for this system in its course on ethical hacking.

On this occasion, we bring you the Best Wireshark Alternatives Android. But before that, we will talk in detail about the Wireshark App and how it works. Later we will jump to the best Wireshark Alternatives for Android.


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What Is Wireshark?

Wireshark is a powerful network analyzer that can be used to analyze traffic passing through the network interface of your smartphone. You may need it to detect and solve network problems, debug your web applications, network programs, or sites.

Wireshark allows you to fully view the contents of the package at all levels so you can better understand how the network works at a low level.

All packets are intercepted in real-time and provided in a readable format. The program supports a robust filtering system, color highlighting, and other features that will help you find the packages you need. In this guide, we will look at how to use Wireshark to analyze traffic.

Recently, developers switched to work on the second branch of Wireshark, a lot of changes and improvements have been made to it, especially for the interface if you are looking for the Wireshark alternatives here we have mentioned a few of them to use.


zANTI Android App


zANTI techdewy


zANTI is another amazing application for Android smartphones and is the best alternative of Wireshark, which was created to monitor the security of Wi-Fi networks. Although we all understand where this interpretation sounds, they often mean hacking passwords.

Yes, in theory, this software should not be used for hacking, but here everyone decides for himself. We can say that absolutely all users who are interested in protecting their access point and finding vulnerabilities associated with it. We need to find unauthorized connections or figure out the intruders.


cSploit Android App


cSploit techdewy


cSploit is one of the most functional tools for scanning networks and finding vulnerabilities on discovered hosts. Makes a network map and displays information about all devices found in it.

Able to determine their IP / MAC address, specify the OS installed on them, look for vulnerabilities using the Metasploit framework RPCd and brute force passwords. cSploit contains a tool for creating and sending any TCP / UDP packet to the selected host. By clicking the link, hacking the router redirects to an online service to choose and exploit vulnerabilities for a specific model.


WiFinspect Android App


WiFinspect techdewy


WiFinspect is also considered as one of the best alternatives to Wireshark. This app is used to monitor Wi-Fi network security and activity. It has a multi-faceted control tool that provides access to necessary information, statistics, and reports not only about your router’s configurations but also about nearby access points (APs).

This application is equipped with a lot of useful network information, security tools, speed, and data analysis, WiFinspect enables scanning, monitoring and detailed analysis of the state of your AP, and also helps in quickly detecting gaps in the network.

But keep one thing in mind, WiFinspect works only on rooted devices, and if you haven’t root, it won’t work. Whereas it is available in the Google Play store for free.


tcpdump Android App


When analyzing malware on Android, it may be necessary to dump network traffic. It is a simple operation when it comes to connecting the device via Wi-Fi. But a situation may arise when malicious software performs certain services only when the smartphone is connected to the mobile network.

In this case, it may be relevant to capture network traffic using a  sniffer installed directly on the Android device.


NetMonster Android App


NetMonster techdewy


NetMonster will help you analyze nearby networks and cell towers and get illegal signals. CI, CID, TAC, PCI, RSSI, RSRP, RSRQ, SNR, CQI, TA, EARFCN, and Band+ will be collected and delivered to your phone screen.

You can use all this information in network testing and hacking attacks. NetMonster will collect all the data from the nearby network, and they won’t know about it. NetMonster is entirely free, and there are no ads either. Just use it and collect and analyze all that data.




FaceNiff techdewy


FaceNiff is one of the main Android hacking applications that allows us to intercept and see the traffic of our Wi-Fi network. This tool is widely used to snoop on social media websites such as Twitter, Facebook, and other social media websites using the Android device. FaceNiff steals cookies from the Wi-Fi network and grants an attacker unauthorized access to the victim’s account.


Final Words

Here we mentioned the top six best Wireshark alternatives androids App that can do the job for you with ease. We mentioned all the details of the android apps, and now it depends on you which one to choose according to your requirements. Good luck with that!

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