WhatsApp Plus APK Download | Latest Version 2020

WhatsApp Plus APK Download

In this article, we are discussing the Features of Latest version of WhatsApp Plus APK and will also guide you on how to download and install the WhatsApp Plus APK.

The following WhatsApp MOD is WhatsApp Plus latest Version 2020, which we are going to discuss in this article. This application has a light blue main icon and has the WhatsApp logo as usual. It differs from all other Mods of WhatsApp as WhatsApp Plus Mod APK latest version beat all other Mods due to its superb features.

Furthermore, WhatsApp Plus has complete and many features, so it is suitable for you who want more services for chatting. Not only there, but this application has also been updated to version 8.26 with various improvements.

What Is WhatsApp Plus

Most likely, all of you who are reading this news already know the benefits of WhatsApp, a fantastic instant messaging application with which we can keep in touch with anyone and at any time, of course, as long as they have the app installed.

The best thing about WhatsApp is that it helps us to contact by messaging or even by voice with other users completely free of charge since the only thing you need is an Internet connection so the cost of the call will be based on the consumption of data that we make, which means that if for example, we connect to a Wi-Fi network, said the call would be completely free.

WhatsApp Plus is nothing more than an unofficial mod that aims to expand the functionality of the original WhatsApp, so it is responsible for integrating into the official application to add menus and options that you are sure to love.


How to use WhatsApp Plus Mod Apk


1. Set Privacy

The privacy services provided by this platform are exciting because they can hide their activities, such as online status or typing. It, of course, makes some people more comfortable and free to use this application.

Simple steps and ways to use this feature are by tapping on the dot symbol at the top right. After that, there will be many choices of exciting facilities, and then privacy settings can be done at will.

2. Download The Theme

By using this WhatsApp Plus APK Latest Version, you can customize the theme or wallpaper as you wish. There are quite a lot of unique, fresh, and funny themes that make this application more interesting and colorful.


WhatsApp Plus APK Latest Version 2020 Features

Many of the WhatsApp users, after installing WhatsApp Plus, find it better than any other application, since it offers many privacy options. For example, if you enable the option to hide the last time you saw your friends, they will be surprised when you talk to them, and you are offline.


Privacy Features

Hide Connection Status: You can hide connection status and chat freely and show everyone online (not connected).

Hide Blue Marks: You can hide blue dots ✔✔ for contacts and groups when reading received messages.

Hide The Second Check mark: You can hide the second check marks in for contacts and group when you delivered the messages.

Hide Writing Status: You can hide writing from contacts and groups when composing a message.

Hide Recording Status: You can hide the recording Status for contacts and groups when recording voice.

Hide Blue Microphone: You can hide a blue microphone for contacts and groups when open voice.

Hide View Status: You can hide the view status of contacts (their name will not appear if you have seen the status of friends).

Anti-Deleted: With this incredible option! You can read the deleted messages and prevent your friends from deleting messages after sending them to you.


Sharing Features: WhatsApp Plus Sharing Features

Download Status: You can save any WhatsApp status on your device and download videos and photos from your friends.

Files And Documents: You can share any type of data you want, such as (PDF, TXT, Docs …) up to 50MB in size.

Camera: You can send high-quality photos and video recordings.

Gallery: You can send high-quality photos and videos from the gallery or file manager up to 100MB.

Audio: You can send audio or music files from the player or file manager up to 100MB.

Location: You can share your location live (real-time location) or send your current location as a point on the map.

Contacts: You can easily select and send many contacts.


Features of WhatsApp Plus Themes

When using WhatsApp Plus, you can choose from over 1,000 amazing themes available in the Plus-Settings theme store, and you have many options, such as change (fonts, colors, and icons), to create your theme.

Besides, you can make a backup copy of your theme to send it to your friends or use it on another device.


How To Download And Install WhatsApp Plus On Android?

Step 1: Download the file from our site.

Step 2: After downloading go to Menu – Settings – Security.

Step 3: Check the ‘Allow app installs from unknown sources’ box here to allow third-party apps. Once this is done, follow these steps.

Step 4: Go to the download folder and click on the file ‘WhatsApp Plus.’ It will start the patch installation on old WhatsApp.

Step 5: Once updated, WhatsApp will revoke to an initial version. Don’t panic as all your data is still in the app.

Step 6: Open the app and click ‘Accept and continue’ to see the terms and conditions.

Step 7: When you are asked to restore or delete data, click on “RESTORE.” In this way, all your contacts and chats will go to the WhatsApp Plus version.

Step 8: Now, choose your country and verify your mobile through OTP.

Step 9: The WhatsApp Plus has successfully installed on your Android device. You can also use WhatsApp double using this function.


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How To Install WhatsApp Plus for PC?

To install this updated version on your Windows PC, you must follow the same steps. However, since Windows is not compatible with Android applications, you will need to download an Android emulator to install WhatsApp Plus on the PC.

Go to BlueStack or any other emulator and install the Android emulator. Once installed, open the emulator and select the ‘Upload’ option. Here upload our download file and follow the previous steps. Place the application on your desktop to open it directly through the home screen.


Is It Worth Using Whastapp Plus or Any Alternative To This Platform?

A few years ago, we could determine that it was an essential and recommended tool. Currently, from our point of view, it is no longer something so useful; in recent years, WhatsApp has been progressively updated, adding new functions such as sending Stickers & GIFs. In short, they have been complementing their app to offer almost all the necessary tools to make your app as complete as possible.

Despite this, it is true that if you want to have unlimited customization, we can also find alternatives to Whatapp Plus, what we risk using this is the possible ban from the company. We will be prevented from using the application again from our number of the phone, as indicated in the official WhatsApp support.


Frequently Asked Questions FAQ’s

Is it safe to use WhatsApp Plus?

Yes, not even WhatsApp Plus, but all other Mods of WhatsApp are safe and sound to use. There are no security issues with that.

Is WhatsApp Plus available for iPhone devices?

Unfortunately, the developers are trying to develop the version of WhatsApp Plus for iOS devices, but currently, there is no version available for iPhone users.

Can I use multiple WhatsApp apps on a single device?

Yes! Why not, you can easily enjoy the official version as well as the Mod APK at the same time, and with the help of Parallel Space, it will help you using multiple WhatsApp on a single device.

What makes WhatsApp Plus different from GB or OGWhatsApp?

Well, from externally, there is no difference in all mod APK’s except a minor change you will see in other Mod’s APK. You have to uninstall the original WhatsApp and then have to install the WhatsApp plus. While on the other hand the GB and OG what

Should I uninstall the Official WhatsApp before using the WhatsApp Plus?

Yes, you have to uninstall the official app to use the WhatsApp plus. Remember that you will need two different accounts as only 1 number will register at the app.

Can I download WhatsApp Plus for Windows Phone?

Although the hope is never lost, at the moment, there is no version of WhatsApp Plus for Windows Phone, so we must wait for the developer to consider its creation.

Can I download WhatsApp Plus for BlackBerry?

There is no version of WhatsApp Plus for BlackBerry. Still, we remind you that some of these devices use the Android operating system, in which case we refer you to the previous section in which we explain how to download WhatsApp Plus for Android since the procedure to follow will be the same.

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