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Top 10 VPN

Top 10 VPN to Have in 2020

To choose the right VPN, you need to determine for what purposes and on which platforms it will be used. There are many options: the functionality of the services is comparable; the differences hidden in the details. By what technology is access to sites organized, how many countries can you choose whether user activity recorded?

To simplify the choice, we have collected the Top 10 VPN to solve various problems.

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What Is A VPN?


VPN (Virtual Private Network) is a virtual private network that provides traffic encryption between the client and the VPN server and IP address change. When connecting to a VPN, a secure channel is created between the user’s computer and the VPN server, the data in it is securely encrypted. Your Internet provider will not know which sites you visited.

Your IP address will be changed (it will belong to the country you specify). VPN services allow you to use resources that are not allowed to be accessed geographically or based on the decisions of authorities. A blocking bypass is not a violation of the law. Thanks to VPN, you can freely visit blocked sites, just select and download the program to your computer with Windows / macOS / Linux or install a VPN for Android.

VPN services are free, but not everyone can be blindly contacted: news that another company is trading user data appears quite often. To ensure a stable and secure connection, we recommend choosing paid programs that care about your reputation and do not merge confidential information.




SurfShark Techdewy


Surfshark is the best VPN service that has become the No. 1 best seller in the world, which provides fully secure channels, does not collect personal user data, and does not maintain logs. To protect traffic, it offers military-grade encryption and proprietary technologies. By default, the service selects the fastest server for the connection. However, the user has the opportunity to specify the location manually.

Surfshark does not collect any information about users other than the email address and payment information for paying the tariff. Masking technology allows you to hide the fact of using a VPN even from the provider that provides Internet access. Also, the service guarantees that it will inform the user about attempts by law enforcement agencies or other organizations to find out his data.




WindScribe Techdewy


Windscribe is a VPN service that you can use for free an unlimited amount of time. But you can’t call it completely unlimited. On free access, you can connect only to 8 servers, and for a month, only 2 GB of traffic is issued.

Windscribe not only encrypts traffic but also blocks ads and spam using built-in protection tools. The VPN provider promises not to collect or give out information about sites that users visit. For a successful connection, Windscribe offers three modes of operation using different ports. This allows you to bypass the restrictions that telecom operators can set.




ZenMate Techdewy


ZenMate is a good VPN for safe web surfing, and it offers extensions for all popular browsers: Google Chrome, Opera, Yandex. Browser, Mozilla Firefox. There are also versions for the most common operating systems, including mobile ones.

ZenMate allows you to select one of 30 countries to change your location. More than 2,000 servers located around the world are available for traffic redirection. The reliability of the service is confirmed by the number of users – more than 42 million people ensure the security and confidentiality of personal data using ZenMate tools.




NordVPN Techdewy


NordVPN allows you to connect an unlimited number of devices on one account. The service is based in Panama, where there is no Internet censorship and tight control by the government. NordVPN appeared in 2012 and initially conceived as a project promoting the return of true freedom to the Internet from censorship and surveillance. Today, the service serves a record 12 million customers worldwide!

For establishing a secure and confidential connection, Nord VPN uses several technologies, including blocking ads and malicious sites, as well as double encryption. No one will be able to see exactly which websites you visit – even the Internet provider can only access information about the fact of connecting via a VPN.


Hotspot Shield


Hotspot Shield Techdewy


Hotspot Shield is a popular VPN provider that has developed its traffic encryption technology. Their protocol uses 70% of the largest companies in the world that specialize in security. At the same time, technologies are still available for ordinary users.

On the main page of the service, it indicates that it does not collect, does not store, and does not transmit to users any personal data. However, judging by the license agreement, some depersonalized information can still be saved – in particular, the browser cache collected when connecting via a VPN.




CyberGhost Techdewy


CyberGhost is a VPN service from Romania that offers up to 7 simultaneous connections from one account through a secure and confidential channel. It has technical support, which is available around the clock and is ready to answer basic questions regarding the work of the provider. When building a secure system, it uses different protocols: OpenVPN, L2TP \ IPsec, and IKEv2. Separate servers also support P2P technology.

In CyberGhost desktop clients, in addition to standard features, there are also additional features. Among them: blocking ads, trackers and malware, data compression, automatic forwarding to HTTPS, increased connection speed.




TunnelBear Techdewy


TunnelBear is a Canada-based VPN service that has been operating since 2011. Its free version is well established among users, primarily due to a strict privacy policy, which details what information logged. TunnelBear does not collect user IP addresses, network activity, and other data that can use for deanonymization.

TunnelBear enforces personal data protection. It means that if the connection is interrupted, the service blocks traffic until the connection restores. TunnelBear sets to continuous operation – the application will start at system startup and automatically turn on after a reboot. It eliminates the need to establish a connection manually.




Speedify TechDewy


Speedify is a USA VPN provider that appeared in 2014 and quickly gained a user base. The main feature of the service is the Channel Bonding function, which allows users to connect a large number of devices at the same time. To increase speed, VPN clients can use Wi-Fi, mobile data, and Bluetooth. Even if one of the communication channels break, the rest will allow you to save the connection.

Speedify offers a high level of protection. You can use 256-bit AES encryption or upgrade to the more powerful ChaCha20 algorithm on devices that support it. Channel Bonding technology itself also protects from unauthorized access and identity theft.


Hola VPN


Hola VPN TechDewy


Hola VPN is a community-supported P2P network. For its operation, servers are not needed – the service redirects traffic through the devices of other participants. It allows you to reduce the load since data transfer requires a limited computing resource. Moreover, computers that are currently idle used mainly.

The flip side of this approach to building a network is the danger associated with the activities of other users. By registering with Hola, you give your IP address for free use (can be prohibited on a paid subscription). It means that the address can display as an output point in violation of the law.




ExpressVPN TechDewy


ExpressVPN is positioned as the fastest virtual private network. Tests show that this is very much true. High connection speed achieves through the use of a large number of servers scattered around the world, optimization, unlimited bandwidth, and the absence of forced speed control.

The headquarters of the service located in the British Virgin Islands, where the data storage law does not apply. ExpressVPN does not log: neither user activity nor connections recorded. To prevent unauthorized access to sensitive data, the service uses the AES-256 algorithm, emergency shutdown function, and separate tunneling to encrypt traffic.



Well, the above mentioned are the top-rated and the best VPN’s s that are used worldwide by millions of users. We discuss the Top 10 VPN to have in 2020 that are both paid and free VPNs that you can use. Now it’s your choice which VPN you love the most.

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