Spotify Premium Apk Download | Latest Version 2020

Spotify Premium Apk Download


Spotify is the best and most complete song player application. With the Spotify Premium Apk Download | Latest Apk Version 2020, users can enjoy all Spotify Premium features for free, as well as play millions of songs and podcasts without ads from all over the world.

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What is Spotify?


Spotify is an application that presents various types of the best and most comprehensive music from around the world. Through this application, users can create a playlist of songs with multiple collections ranging from old songs to the latest releases.

Also, Spotify provides a list of recommendations that can be chosen according to mood. By using the mod version of the apk, these recommendations can be played without the need for randomization or interruption of advertisements. Thus, the activity of listening to music will feel smoother and undoubtedly comfortable.

Many other benefits obtained when using the Spotify mod version of this apk. Apart from being free and without ads, users also have full control over songs without any restrictions on playing them. If using an original free account from this application, users can only play songs freely six times in one hour.


How to Spotify Premium APK Download


Spotify Mod makes it easy for users to enjoy a variety of features that are available free and without limits. One that distinguishes between the mod and premium versions only lies in the Offline Mode.

Spotify Premium Mod is not possible to use offline because the songs encrypted by the source with a specific decryption key. And it can only be opened offline when the user starts subscribing to the Spotify Premium APK correctly.

However, don’t worry because Spotify Apk Mod allows users to enjoy all the other features for free, without limits and forever.

Here Is How To Download It:


  1. Download the latest Spotify Premium Mod Here from our website.
  2. Click the Link to continue the download process.
  3. Wait for all processes to work correctly.
  4. Done, now the application is ready for installation.


This Spotify application allows users to listen to music with various qualities. Streaming with high quality will produce better and more detailed audio output. So, listening to songs directly or with headphones will sound more transparent and feel more quality.

How To Install Spotify Premium Mod Apk Latest Version 2020


Spotify makes it easy for users to enjoy various types of music for free, anytime, and anywhere. Before using the application, make sure the apk file has been downloaded correctly and continue the installation process according to the following instructions:

  1. Uninstall the original version of Spotify music.
  2. Install the Mod application that you download from here.
  3. Allow the phone to accept applications from unknown sources by checking it.
  4. Done, now Spotify Mod Premium can be enjoyed as much as you want.

By installing this application, users will get access to listen to the latest songs from their favorite artists. Install the app now and find a wide selection of songs from the world’s best singers.


Features in the Latest Spotify Premium Mod Latest Version 2020


Many features can be enjoyed in the latest version of the Spotify Mod application. All of these features can be accessed as much as possible even though the user is not subscribed. Below are some of the features available and can be used free forever:

  1. Playlist. This feature makes it easy for users to make a list of their favorite songs.
  2. Search. This feature is a search feature that will allow users to find their favorite songs.
  3. Unlocks Shuffling, Seeking, Repeating, and Connect. This feature can be felt free by users of premium Mod accounts, where songs can be played as much as possible without randomization and can be played repeatedly.
  4. No more advertising. By using this Mod version apk, Spotify will no longer have ads that are a nuisance. So, listening to music can be more comfortable and feels more satisfying.
  5. Follow. This feature can be used to follow other user accounts or playlists that have been provided.
  6. Spotify Radio. The radio feature is a collection of songs based on the artist, album, playlist or music chosen by the user.
  7. Spotify Lyrics. Spotify has now collaborated with Genius to present the story behind the song to users. This feature is currently only available in English on certain songs and playlists.

See the main lyrics of your favorite song. Get information behind the scenes, including things that inspire song lyrics and specific facts.

  1. Play queue and history. This feature makes it easy for users to see and manage what is to play next with the Play Queue. Besides, users can also see the history of listening to the latest songs on the desktop application. So, it is beneficial if the user forgets the title of the song that played recently.


How to Use Spotify Premium Mod Apk Latest Version 2020


After successfully pairing this application, the next step is to use it to stream various types of music that are available in full from all over the world. However, beginners sometimes confused about where to start.

For that, here’s how to use the Spotify Mod premium app correctly:

  1. Open the Spotify application and log in using the old account. However, if you don’t have one, create a new account or sign up using an email or Facebook account.
  2. After succeeding, there will be recommendations for various genres of music that you can enjoy to your heart’s content.
  3. If you want to listen to other music, select it in the Search column at the bottom row.
  4. Search for using the name of the singer or song title and click to play.
  5. If you want to create a playlist, then click the dot three on the song title and select “add to playlist.”

Keep in mind that the account status after login will remain “free.” But users can use its premium features except downloading songs for offline. Do not update the Spotify application with the latest version of the Google Play Store, because it will make it back to normal. Then ignore or cancel if the app asks to update it.

Smartphone Specifications for the Latest Spotify Premium Mod Apk v8.5.39

One of the best music platforms that give access to several music genres and free podcasts, Spotify Mod apk supports almost all types of Android devices. So that streaming feels smooth and uninterrupted, use Android minimum OS 4.1 or above.

With a size of approximately 30 MB, make sure you have enough storage on your phone to install it. So that when playing, Spotify does not come out suddenly and interrupt the song streaming activities that carried out.


Final Words

Spotify premium allows users to take advantage of all limited features that are blocked by paid features. By downloading the Spotify Premium APK Latest Version, it enables users to access millions of songs online for free without the need to pay and without ads.


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