Use iPhone Emojis for Android Without Root

iPhone Emojis for Android

iPhone Emojis for Android Without Root

The iPhone operating system is famous for its emoticons, and no wonder: emojis are bright, colorful, regularly updated, using them in correspondence is a pleasure. Many smartphone owners would like to have the same beauty on their devices. If earlier, in order to install iPhone Emojis For Android, it was necessary to root your smartphone, which is why many users don’t opt for it. But here we will tell you how you can get iPhone emojis on your android smartphones without getting your smartphone root. Here below, we have mentioned various ways how you can get iPhone emojis in Android.

Using Smiley Applications

To add emojis from iPhone to Android, you need to install one of the add-ons that offer to replace the original keyboard with your version. An important point to consider, not all applications support iPhone emojis.


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Application Keyboard

Using the Apple keyboard is one of the best options that does not require root rights. A built-in set of emoticons allows you to support any software. To begin with, it is essential to consider that not all applications support emoticons and emojis from iPhone, so if you do not see them, it means that your application just does not support them yet. Google Play is full of relevant applications, but we took the liberty to recommend you some of the best in our view options to help you decide, but at the same time and save valuable time.


iPhone X Emoji Keyboard Theme


iPhone X Emoji Keyboard Theme


This character set application contains a considerable number of smiles. Many among them are those that are very similar to the iPhone. In addition, the application has extensive capabilities in terms of customizing the appearance and functionality. Among other things, there is the ability to adjust the size of the keys and various variations of the theme settings.


iMore Emoji Keyboard App


iMore Emoji Keyboard App


This keyboard is even outwardly similar to the one that iPhone users use daily. The user interface of the application is excellent and offers all the necessary features that you may need. Direct and animated emojis can be sent directly from the keyboard. There is also support for custom themes that can be downloaded without using the Play Store. For example, one of the most popular themes is the iPhone X Keyboard.


Kika Keyboard


Kika Keyboard techdewy


This keyboard can not only send emojis but also allows the user to do a lot of useful things. For example, you can write and edit text from it, and there is also an auto-corrector here. Experience of using this keyboard suggests that Kika Keyboard is one of the best options in general, so if you need a keyboard that is similar to what you saw on the iPhone, feel free to put it. You will not regret it.



Sometimes there is a feeling that soon everyone will communicate only with the help of emoji. Therefore, whether you are using an Android smartphone or iPhone emojis are now a vital part of the chat. The iOS operating system is famous for its colorful emojis. They are regularly updated and look fresh. Using them is a pleasure, so nothing is surprising in the fact that many users of Android smartphones also want to bring such beauty to their smartphones.

Previously, in order to do something similar, you had to change your set of emoticons to the desired one under the Root. Still, now, fortunately, due to these applications, as mentioned earlier, you can easily use these applications as discussed previously to use iPhone emojis in android smartphones.

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