GB Instagram APK Download | Latest Version 2020

GB Instagram APK Download


GB Instagram APK The latest version of 2020 is a modified version of this popular Instagram app and has been changed to give users a better experience than the official version.

GB Instagram APK Download is the Latest Version is the best source to enjoy socializing because it offers many great and excellent features to its users. In today’s article, we are going to show you how to Download the GB Instagram Latest Version 2020 APK and the installation guide as well.

Well, no one is ever going to deny that Instagram is one of the best socializing applications worldwide. Social media lovers love to share their pictures and stories with their friends and fans. The application was launched officially in 2010, and since then, it gained popularity, and now it’s one of the best social apps that you would love to use. 

Right after Facebook, Instagram is the most used socializing app, which allows not only to share Media but also is beneficial for the business people and influencers to boost their business.

We can connect with Instagram, the photo and video sharing community where thousands of people turn to their fans and followers. The perfect way to celebrate your friendship. Instagram is an easy way to capture and share some memorable moments that we don’t want to lose.

Watch stories and live videos of friends you care about and see what’s important to you. You can immerse yourself in the world of photos and videos shared by users from all over the world. Keep an eye on new friends on the Explore tab.


What is GB Instagram?

Everyone is familiar with Instagram, but few of them don’t know about GB Instagram. For such people, we tell you that it is a modified App of the original version that gives us so many unique features that the official app doesn’t allow.

Different variants are available in the market, but GB Instagram Latest APK is still one of the best and trustworthy apps you may use. So before we proceed further to the installation guide, we would like to mention some of the features of this brilliant GB Instagram APK.


GB Instagram Features

• Hide & Read someone’s story

• Star Any Message

• Turn off the Left or Right Dragging option

• Thousands of Themes to Download

• Download Photos, GIFs, or even Videos

• An automatic Translation feature to connect worldwide

• Copy & Paste Text from Posts

• Add a zoom option for photos, as well as Instagram Profile Picture

• Instagram Duo: Two Instagram accounts on one phone can use with GB Instagram.

• No-root needed.

• Anti-ban

• Share Videos & Gifs 

Well, sometimes, you need the option of downloading the videos or images your friend shares. But instead of that, you try to take the screenshot and crop it whenever you want it. With the GB Instagram, now say goodbye to such worries and enjoy Downloading any Video, GIFs, or Photos your friends send.


GB Instagram Additional Features 

In previous versions of GB Instagram, you were limited to use only a single account. Still, with the help of the latest and additional features included in the GB Instagram APK 2020, you can use multiple accounts an only time. No need to logout the first account and logging in the second one; now, you can use both at the same time. 


Many users are conscious regarding the personalization of an application, and GB Instagram does not disappoint you at this factor. Well, you can easily modify the interface with colorful design as there are many shapes and styles you can choose for the customization of the application. Don’t worry; we have the downloading link for you to download and enjoy the GB Instagram APK Latest Version 2020. 

Hide Your Online Presence

It’s annoying sometimes that you feel awful while someone keeps texting you when he sees you online. To avoid such circumstances, GB Instagram allows you to Hide your Online Presence, which means you won’t show Online, and your status will be offline for others. This is how you can easily talk or communicate with your loved ones while ignoring the annoyed people. 

Copy Bio To Anyone And Comment The Following

Sometimes we get inspired by the Quotation or the caption any other person use, and we desperately try to copy it. In the end, we have to write it my own because there is no option for copying it in the original version. Not in the case of GB Instagram, here you can easily Copy the Bio, quote, or even you can copy the comment as well. Isn’t it a fantastic feature? And we know with that feature you will love to install the GB Instagram Latest APK 2020. 

Star Any Message

Looking to mark any message, in other words, you are sometimes trying to pin the chat in the chatbox, but unfortunately, you will fail to do so. The reason is that in the original version of GB Instagram, there is no such facility provided, but with the GB Instagram, you can easily Star the Message.


Installation Guide For 2020 GB Instagram

The installation guide is the most essential part of any application because everyone knows if you are unable to install the application

Then what’s the point of it. So read these steps carefully.

Step 1.

Make sure to enable unknown source before installing GB Instagram APK.

You need to enable this option because GB Instagram APK is unofficial

Third-party developers developed it.

To enable the installation of an unknown source, you must go to

> Device Settings> Security> Permissions> Unknown Source> Enable.

Step 2.

So I enabled an unknown source installation

Well, then you have to find GB Instagram APK on your device.

To find out the default location, you can go to> Storage> Downloads> GB Instagram APK.

Step 3.

Now, click on the install button and wait a few seconds.

The installation is complete, and you can enjoy all the features of GB Instagram Mod APK.

But before you go, you may read some frequently asked questions in GB Instagram

Which may help you solve your problems in the future.

Step 4.

All Done, Enjoy Using the GB Instagram APK Latest Version 2020.


Frequently Asked Questions FAQ’s 

Is GB Instagram Secure to Install?

Yes, it does not include any virus or won’t harm your smartphone, instead it provides the features that you lack within the original version of Instagram. So feel safe and secure while installing and using the GB Instagram.

Can I get a ban while using GB Instagram?

Not, these versions are Anti-ban versions, which means there is nothing to worry about that will you get banned or not. It is entirely safe to use the app just like we use the original version. 

How to Update GB Instagram?

The answer to this question is simple if you are using the older version and want a new App with more advanced features, the best way to do it by uninstalling the older version. Before you update or use new GB Instagram, make sure you uninstall the older version.


Final Verdict

That’s all we have for you, and now you can enjoy installing and using the GB Instagram APK Latest Version 2020. We have mentioned the Installation guide in Step by Step, also briefly mentioned all the Features this Mod APK offers. 

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