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Download Psiphon For PC

In the 21st century, it is incredible that there are still regions of the world where access to digital information media is not widespread. Currently, internet connection is a sign of freedom and represents a mass information medium and should be a right.

Whole countries, cities, companies, school buildings, are some of the examples where the user may be subject to one or more restrictions about their internet browsing, such as visiting specific pages or domains. Therefore, it is necessary to resort to certain types of programs that help us mediate these impositions.

Psiphon is a tool that allows free browsing from the outset, giving all Internet users open and uncensored access through the application of Proxy technologies, implementation of VPN and SSH.

The main objective and reason for the creation of Psiphon are to give full access to all those users who have seen their freedom of access to free internet browsing diminished.


Download Psiphon For PC Windows


Psiphon is a tool that allows the user to access and maintain free and secure browsing even in places or countries with high restrictions, whether for political, religious, or social reasons.

Every year thousands of people connect with their family and friends who are in another country or region with the help of social networks; however, it is the same social networks that are prohibited or blocked in specific regions or places.

Since its creation, this application has been conceived as a means to access censored websites since thanks to its technology, the IP of the users is changing, and also through the use of VPN, SSH, and Proxy, it prevents the user from being tracked. Psiphon is a free and open-source tool that has no cost, and for now, it is only available for Windows PC, Android, and iOS.

What it does is that your PC acts as an independent proxy server with variable IP and through which everything that is received or sent will be and will remain encrypted, which makes the information that leaves and enters your PC not visible to monitors the data traffic.

Once the PC is registered as a proxy, you will be able to register this secure network to other users, who, in turn, will enjoy the encryption and security that this entails. To prevent the proxy-configured PC from being tracked, traffic can be transmitted through a VPN tunnel as well as an SSH connection.

The Psiphon interface is completely graphical, and its configuration is simple once it is installed. The application from the beginning allows you to choose between three different types of connection modes: VPN, SSH, and SSH +.

Another use that can help protect your data is to activate Psiphon when you are connected through an open WiFi network since when activated, data encryption will make others unable to access your information.

Psiphon is compatible with the most common browsers such as Internet Explorer, Mozilla Firefox, Chrome, so browsing with any of them will be carried out directly and without setbacks.


How To Install Psiphon For PC?


So far, it is only possible to find this application for Android and Windows PC. To install it on your PC, you just have to make sure you download the .exe file and save it on the PC where you want to install it.

Once you have the .exe file and run it, you will see that once the application starts, a notification window will be displayed in which you can choose the protection mode you need. The default option for Psiphon is VPN. However, the user can choose any of the other two when they like. Any option implies that the user must wait for the connection to be made before starting the navigation.

Once your browsing is finished, you just have to close the program so that it stops running. We must ensure that the application closes completely. Otherwise, the normal internet connection of your PC may be slowed and even canceled.


Psiphon Datasheet 

Say no to censorship withPsiphon and free your browsing

  • Free license, GPL
  • Available for Windows, iOS, and Android
  • Requires Windows XP or higher versions
  • Installer file size: ~ 6MB
  • Requires manual configuration
  • Available in Spanish
  • Developer: Citizen Lab


How To Download Psiphon For PC

Download the executable file to install Psiphon by clicking on the Download button and save it on the PC where you are going to install it. The download is free and requires nothing more.


Advantages of Psiphon For PC

The best thing about Psiphon is itself the service it provides, users from all over have managed to navigate without restriction or complications. It is also a lightweight application that takes up little disk space and is free.


Download Psiphon For PC Latest Version

The latest version of Psiphon is 3, and it isn’t much different from its predecessor version, compatibility issues have fixed.


Alternatives To Psiphon For PC Free

We have already discussed that one of the disadvantages of Psiphon is that it does not have versions for other platforms, so an alternative to Psiphon is one that is compatible with Mac and Linux.

Tor Browser – a browser that gives you the anonymity you are looking for since it only visits Tor networks, you can also visit any site with the assurance that your IP will not be revealed.

OpenVPN – connect through VPN or SSN, keeping your identity safe and secure without tracking at all times.



Here is all what we got, you can easily download the Psiphon for PC through our website and enjoy using it. Hope so you like the article and for more articles bookmark our website or visit it daily.

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