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best messenger apps

Messaging applications have become the most used means of communication in the world. All age categories combined, SMS has become obsolete and has slowly allowed itself to overtaken by free chat applications on mobile phones, which offer more diversity in exchanges.

Text messages, video calls, photos, data sharing, but above all data protection, what applications are at the top of the download? What are the advantages to favor one or the other and above all, which offers more security? We tell you everything in this article.

Here down below, we listed the top and Best Messenger Apps Of 2020:

10 – Discord

best messenger apps discord techdewy

Discord is an application that initially designed to accommodate communities of gamers. It works on the principle of servers to which the user can invite other contacts. It gives free access to several games and has a paid version which offers more freedom to its users. With this chat application, it is possible to make video calls, videoconferencing, or even screen sharing.

Discord is accused, however, of not securing its users. Indeed, it has been the target of several hackers, which has contributed significantly to cool its subscribers. The chat app is popular with over 270 million gamers worldwide, however.

9 – Line

best messenger apps line techdewy

Designed in Japan, the application quickly seduced Asian users by currently accounting for nearly 200 million active users. It has integrated end-to-end encryption, and its particularity is that it allows conferences for up to 200 participants.

The line has also initiated music streaming on its platform and allows calls to be made free of charge. This solution enables you to make calls to landlines or mobiles when you travel at more advantageous rates. It is also possible via the application to follow the accounts of individual companies and brands.

8 – Signal

best messenger apps signal techdewy

Signal makes it a point of honor to secure the personal data of its users. To date, it is the most secure free communication application. In addition to military-level end-to-end encryption, Signal uses an open-source platform that is continuously monitored by developers and other defense protocols.

Signal offers the same functionality as its competitors, namely text messages, video and audio calls, and data sharing.

7 – WeChat

best messenger apps wechat techdewy

It is the first mobile chat application in China. It has generated to attract more than 1.5 billion subscribers worldwide. WeChat is a platform that has diversified its services by offering the possibility via QR codes to follow brands. It is a significant marketing coup that positively serves the brands.

WeChat also allows its competitors to share text, audio, and video content. Games are also a privileged feature of users, just like payment by phone or micro blogging. Even if the chat does not use end-to-end encryption, protection is provided by “client-to-server” and “server-to-client.”

6 – Skype

best messenger apps skype techdewy

Skype was one of the first applications to allow video exchanges in real-time. Although the chat app is free, calls to fixed or mobile phone numbers charged. The owners of the firm ensure that security is encrypted; users do not have access to the settings; it is difficult to verify these claims.

Skype currently has around 350 million users worldwide. It is especially preferred by professionals in telework who need to stay in contact with their employer.

5 – Viber

best messenger apps viber techdewy

Particularly appreciated in the very first years of its creation, Viber almost seen topped the post by its competitors. Viber allows you to exchange written messages, videos, and audio calls via an internet connection. The account created from a mobile phone number. Its audience has not taken off, however, and currently hovers around 250 million users worldwide.

4 – Telegram

best messenger apps telegram techdewy

In the category of secure applications, Telegram acts as a pioneer. Indeed, it is possible to share text messages, photos, and videos without a size limit. Items stocked in conversations are systematically deleted after a while to preserve users’ privacy.

The Telegram account created via a telephone number, but it is possible to hide the latter using a nickname. It is also one of the only applications to offer secret chat. With this concept, only the device that initiated the chat can access it. The user can also schedule the deletion of messages from these conversations.

3 – Messenger

best messenger apps messenger techdewy

Free chat application, Facebook Messenger has evolved in recent years to become a platform for audio and video exchanges and even money transfer. The Messenger concept allows you to stay in touch with your Facebook “friends” while hiding your telephone details.

The Lite version allows you to use Messenger while consuming the minimum amount of data. The user for each conversation must activate end-to-end encryption. It will enable you to keep your data and that no one has access to it.

2 – Snapchat

best messenger apps snapchat techdewy

Very popular with 18-24-year-olds, Snapchat allows you to share videos and messages that self-destruct after a particular time. A new means of communication that has supplanted chat sites like coco. No need to do the removal yourself, which makes it a definite advantage. The application has succeeded in attracting nearly 300 million people worldwide by offering a new way of exchanging. The principle of stories and filters provide an additional fun component that makes rain and shine with techies.

With the Snap Map initiated in 2017, it is possible to locate friends and share their location with the selected contacts. They are represented by Bitmojis (kinds of avatars) or by a standard character when the user has not created them. Snapchat allows you to follow the accounts of stars, companies, or brands.

1 – WhatsApp


best messenger apps whatsapp techdewy

Created in 2009 and then bought in 2014 by Facebook, WhatsApp has propelled itself in a few years at the top of the most downloaded free mobile chat applications on all platforms. With nearly 2 billion users worldwide, the APK appeals to all generations with its ease of use. It allows you to stay in touch with your entire phone book by having an account linked to a mobile phone number.

Without games and advertising, it stands out from the competition by offering a more secure experience thanks to end-to-end encryption. This functionality means that no one can have access to your data. It allows you to exchange texts, photos, videos, and voice messages securely.

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