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Best iOS Emulators For Windows

Best iOS Emulators For Windows 2020


Emulating iOS on Windows PC can be very useful for several reasons, for example if you have an iPhone or iPad and you want to use the same applications that you use on your mobile devices but on a larger screen, or if you don’t have Apple devices and you want to use the Applications provided by the Apple Store.

These are just two of several reasons why using best iOS emulators for Windows could be very useful.The iOS emulators allow you to use 100% of the Apps that are on the Apple Store, there are different types of emulators that allow you to use the Applications of iPhone and iPad on PC, in this article we will see the most used, simple and powerful.


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Appetize Techdewy


The fastest and easiest way to get acquainted with the basic functionality of iOS without installing additional software. This is not quite an emulator, but an online service that provides access to the latest versions of the system, albeit in a somewhat limited format.

Among the main features stand out:

  • The ability to download and run your application is a great thing for developers.
  • It does not require serious power to run – we only need a fast Internet connection to access the device.
  • Exact copying of the system – including standard gestures.




iPadian TechDewy


The headline is not just words. This application provides full access to the entire ecosystem of iOS without any restrictions – even the AppStore works without any problems. The only difference between the free version is unobtrusive advertising, however, slightly interfering with use.

Among the features of the program:

  • The free version is no different from the paid one – except advertising.
  • Support for the latest current versions of iOS, including all elements of the ecosystem – music services, AppStore, and so on.
  • The ability to install third-party applications from a PC – this will require IPA format packages.
  • Full-screen mode and alerts in widgets – the program allows you to integrate the emulator into Windows.
  • Firmware and application update options.


MobiOne Studio


MobiOne Studio TechDewy


One of the prominent representatives of discontinued iOS emulation projects. It can still be found freely available on the Internet, but it has long disappeared from the developer’s site. It imitates the interface of classic versions of the system before the redesign and the main functionality of the latest editions.

It is rather a development tool, but it can be interesting even to ordinary users. Among the main advantages:

  • free distribution and the availability of full functionality by default;
  • the ability to install third-party applications from IPA packages;
  • well-developed emulation technologies (work stably even on weak systems);
  • lack of advertising;
  • ability to update device firmware.


Xamarin Testflight


Xamarin Testflight TechDewy


One of the most popular tools among iOS app developers. It can scare away a simple user with an abundance of incomprehensible settings, but its functionality has no analogs among similar applications.

One of the problem points associated with using Xamarin Testflight is the impossibility of downloading it separately. In essence, it comes with the Visual Studio development environment as one of the add-ons. Based on its functionality, some of the similar emulators with simplified functionality work.

How can an application interest an ordinary user?

  • Adequate work with Windows – if the system fits the system requirements of Visual Studio.
  • The ability to run almost any program designed for iOS.
  • Support for flexible gestures.
  • Full free and no ads.




Ripple TechDewy


Like the previous emulator, Ripple is focused more on testing applications in an active development environment than on simple system tests. Like other development tools, the program does not have official Russification.

Among the main features of the emulator are:

  • Advanced toolkit for working with application builds and full-fledged scripts.
  • Fairly fast work and lack of advertising, despite being free.
  • Support for system gestures.
  • The ability to install almost any application created for iOS.


Electric Mobile Studio


Electric Mobile Studio TechDewy


Another emulator focused on use by professional developers. Distributed for a fee – because where did you see free software for Apple? The program can simulate both the iPad interface and the iPhone, which will be a good way to check the display of applications or web pages on different devices.


Among such utilities, it differs in the following:

  • Fast work and weak loading of system resources.
  • A fairly accurate copy of the main functions of iOS.
  • Extremely flexible settings (but without special knowledge, they can hardly be called useful).
  • Support for working with standard IPA packages – almost all applications are written for iOS can be run from under the emulator.
  • Extensive toolkit for testing applications.


Smartface iOS Emulator


Smartface iOS Emulator TechDewy


Another useful package for testing and developing applications for iOS. It looks and feels like a Ripple clone with some borrowings from Xamarin, but we will write it all down to creative adaptation. The program will be a good choice for running individual applications but poorly suited for testing the system itself.

It suffers from all the same problems as its analogs – the lack of official Russification and support for the AppStore, as well as a rather complicated and confusing interface, but this is already a cost of extensive functionality. So, again about the strengths of the application:

  • powerful engine with extensive tools for launching and testing applications;
  • quite convenient, albeit pretty overloaded interface;
  • full script support for working with the system;
  • lack of advertising;
  • support for system gestures and generally fair imitation of iOS.



We reviewed the most popular, powerful, and Best iOS emulators for Windows PC. The choice is yours! We mentioned all the features of these excellent iOS emulators, choose wisely.

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