Best Evite Alternatives to Send Free Invitations

Best Evite Alternatives


Several online services can help you in maintain and organizing your events. If you are an event organizer and looking for the best sites to send free invitations, you are in the right place. Choose the right invitation card and provide a map of how to get to the event. Here below, we have mentioned a few sites which are also considered as the best Evite alternative sites.

For your convenience, we have summarized some best websites to send invitations to your event. You don’t have to do complicated tasks to send invitations, just use these sites and send free invitations to your friend and family.


What Is Evite, And For What Purpose You Can Use It?

Before moving to Evite alternatives, first, you should know what Evite is. Evite is one of the first online invitation sites launched in 1998. It soon gained popularity because of its free service and pop culture references. This site has greatly facilitated and prompted people to invite different occasions from our traditional invitations.

To send an invitation through Evite, you must complete all the details of the event or ceremony, then enter the email addresses and phone numbers of all the guests you want to invite, then click finish and send. Now let’s check out the best other alternatives to Evite and the features they have.



Punchbowl was founded in 2006, and this site gained within a few years and won the awards.  Punchbowl keeps working on its user interface to make it more user friendly, and they have succeeded after several years of modifying. You can up to 100 invitation links using these services.

If you want to send digital cards to anyone, this site also offers you to send digital card invitation up to 10 people per month, and if you’re going to post more, you will have to pay to use such services. Punchbowl has worked with many renowned companies, including Disney, Nickelodeon, Transformers, Activision, and others, to get a better visual effect. If you were arranging an event for your children, this is the best option to opt for.


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Many websites often come with a variety of function and designs which sometimes confuse or misguide the user. Pingg comes with a simple design and makes it easy for the user to send an invitation to their family and friends. You can send an invitation link up to 75 people at once using the free services of the website, but if you want to send more invitation, you have to buy it. Pingg also allows its users to sell the tickets from the third party in order to earn some cash, donations or a gift

While using the free services of this website allows you to advertise on invitations. You can upload any custom pic or a design template that you want to use on your invitation link. It also allows you to send RSVP, and you can trace it, which is a fascinating feature of this site.



Who isn’t familiar with Facebook? Facebook is considered as one of the best and most significant social media platforms, but you can also send invitations to people via Facebook. As many people don’t know about it, let us help you to send invitations, but these invitations are not as efficient and user-friendly compared to other websites.

In order to send and event first, you need to create a Facebook event, then go to the event and click “Invite.” After that, you can send invitations to people by entering their name, email address, or phone number. Just tap the people profiles you want to send an invitation link for free.


Paperless Post

The paperless post also one of the popular websites to send invitations, or you can simply say that it is one of the best alternatives to Evite. Paperless Post is a New-York based company that was founded back in 2009. Even though it comes late into the market, but still got manages to make its reputation and worth. This website is available in both android and iOS operating systems. Paperless Post is honored to work with some of the famous fashion designers such as (Kelly Wearstler, Vera Wang, Oscar de la Renta, and many more.

You can send sent up to 2,000 invitations links using this site, which will allow you to share your event on most platforms, such as on social media, via SMS, or an email. One of the main features of this website is its wedding invitations link, which is one of the best services you can have by any website. But sadly, it is not free, you have purchased a premium account to use fully customizable features.



Shindigg is another excellent site from our list of best Evite alternatives. This website allows you to create and manage any sort of event effectively. All you to do is just create an event page on the site and customize it according to your taste. You can use any sort of text, animations, video clips, or images to make your card look great and stylish.

After you have successfully created your event page, just enter all relevant information about the event page and then send the invitation via email or can share it on various social media platforms. This website also allows you to sell the tickets for any third party so that you can earn some gifts.



PurpleTrail is one of the highest-paid online invitations, just like all the sites mentioned above. There are several types of invitations templates are available for your event. Or if you want to design your own event you can have these features to customize it well in the free version some of the functions may not be available to have them all you need to buy the premium version of PurpleTrail.

It also allows you to ask for the day, date, time, and venue of your event from your loved ones, which makes it easy to send the invitation so that a large number of guests will be available to attend your event.

All you need to do is to create an account by entering all the details of your event. Then enter the email addresses and phone numbers whom you want to send the link.



Similar to paperless post this website “Minted” is known for its wide range of beautiful wedding cards. This site is mainly designed for wedding invitations, although it doesn’t mean that you can add another event invitation to it. It has expanded its services, and nearly you can send any sort of invitation link. All you have to do is just to create an event and send the invitation link to your family and friends, which hardly takes only10 minutes.

You can customize your own event or can work with the designers who can help you to create a design for your event. Add RSVP and track them via the wedding page; it also allows its customers to your products such as gifts, calendars, stationery, and more from the website at reasonable prices.



Many people may know a smilebox due to its greeting cards or slide shows, but it also offers you the services of inviting. Smilebox is owned by Perion Network Ltd and has a wide range of custom-designed templates. Just select the desired format from the website, which can be customized. After selecting, you can add photos, animations, music, captions, and other essential items which you think can make your card more attractive.

Once the card is designed, you can share your invitation cards via email or on social media platforms. If you are using the free version, there are just a few templates are available, and if you want to have more, you have to purchase them.



Greenvelop offers an elegant way to design, customize, and sends the invitations cards directly to family and friends. Several templates of invitation cards available for different occasions such as a birthday party or weddings. Greenvelope allows you to add music, images, videos, and even the location using the google map, which helps your guest to reach the destination within time.

Although creating and sending invitations is not free, you have to buy a premium service in order to avail of all these features. It allows you to send RSVP and then give you an option to track them. You can also make a group of people and submit only one invitation in the group, which will be automatically delivered to all.



Sendomatic allows you to create a 100% customizable design for your card, or you can select the pre-mentioned themes to save time and effort. If you are using the free service, it allows you to invite up to 10 recipients. And if you have to invite more people, then you have to pay for it and buy the premium membership for it. Like the rest of the websites, it also allows you to sell the events ticket on any third-party organizations.



If you are planning to hold a party or going to tie a not, you are definitely in search of the online invitations, and no one wants to send invitations links for additional charges. So here we have mentioned some of the best websites and applications which can be used to send free invitations to your friends and family and considered as one the best Evite alternatives.

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