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Best Android Emoji Apps


Are you searching for the best Emoji apps for your android smartphones? Then you are at the right place here we have mentioned some of the best emoji applications which can be useful while texting with your friends. Messages are no longer annoying, and all thanks to exciting stickers and emoticons. Nowadays, you’ll find lots of fantastic Emoji stuck to various messaging applications and other platforms.

Undoubtedly, these Emoji made writing messages more interactive and fun. However, you don’t know which apps offer the most stunning emoticons that will meet your chat needs. So, here below, we have mentioned a list of Best Android Emoji Apps that will convert your ordinary chats into fun.

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SwiftKey Keyboard + Emoji


SwiftKey Keyboard techdewy


Swiftkey comes number one in the list as it is the best emoji app due to its full commitment to Emoji. This keyboard comes pre-loaded with many emoticons that users can use during everyday conversations. The best part is that it works on both iOS and Android devices. SwiftKey has several unique features, such as continuous writing, emoji suggestions, and a user-generated dictionary.

Indeed, people who like texting will fall in love with this keyboard. SwiftKey also offers suggestions when you insert a phrase or word. For example, if you write a sentence, let’s have a drink. The keyboard will automatically suggest a wine glass or things related to drinking. So, it’s a pretty cool feature to have on your keyboard and is free of cost to use.




Bitmoji Techdewy


Bitmoji is an excellent application for users who like to do something creative and different. It allows you to create Emoji based on a friend’s face or face. Sounds impressive, right! Now you can create such amazing emoticons using this best emoji application directly on your mobile device. Download this application, create personal emoticons or stickers, and share the same with your loved ones via SMS.


Emoji Keyboard


Emoji Keyboard techdewy


Emoji Keyboard is a full-fledged best emoji application with thousands of embedded Emoji. It is an excellent application when it comes to a group chat with many friends. This keyboard allows you to customize it with the fully-fledged new emojis making it more interesting. Here you have hundreds of great themes to choose from. Emoji Keyboard offers access to various messaging applications such as WhatsApp and Viber.

Emoji Keyboard offers unique and new functions to search for popular GIFs and send them immediately to all loved ones. Therefore, it provides a unique way of communicating thoughts in a stimulating way. Thanks to Emoji Keyboard, you can create your GIF files on the same platform.




Facemoji techdewy


This Android keyboard makes conversations more exciting and interactive. It contains over 3,600 emoticons, emojis, stickers, and GIFs that match every mood and mood. Also, Facemoji offers a combination of emoji and prediction emoji that are fascinating and fun to use.

An exciting part of this best emoji app is that it turns faces into Emoji. Thanks to the Facemoji keyboard, the search for unique and enjoyable emoticons ends for all emoji enthusiasts. So, you can go with this application to perfect Emoji.


Kika Keyboard


Kika Keyboard techdewy


This application is the best emoji application for Android users. It has a friendly interface and lots of amazing emoticons. A wide range of stickers, GIFs, and emoticons are available in this keyboard, which can be easily shared to various social media platforms such as WhatsApp and Facebook. It is the perfect application to make your conversations more enjoyable.

The Kika keyboard offers all standard keyboard functions, such as auto-correction and prediction. This app also contains over 100 fancy themes, language options, key tones, and various fonts to suit any style. On the Kika keyboard, you have new emoticons for messaging, such as unicorn, taco, and others.



Now conversations seem to be incomplete for most people without inserting an emoji at the end. If you feel the same, you can use any of the Emoji as the mentioned earlier keyboard. So, these emoji applications are enough to meet all the emoji needs on Android. You can try all these applications to find the best emoji application. However, if these applications are not enough, you can search for more applications in the Google play store.

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