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Internet advertising blockers have been gaining much more strength in recent years. Where users around the world increasingly use this type of program, and since 2014, these programs have had a growth of more than 90%, being something astonishing.

Nowadays, there are very few users who like Internet ads on different websites since, for many people, these are annoying or interrupt the browsing of a specific site. Due to this, this type of software began to emerge that will allow you to restrict this type of advertising and thus be able to have a much quieter and more enjoyable Internet browsing.

That is why we bring you a list of Best 10 Ad Blockers Of 2020. It will allow you to surf the Internet and not have to find those ads that can cause you some stress when visiting different pages.

There are currently a large number of programs that will allow you to carry out this function, which specially designed for people who do not like to be encountering some advertisements while browsing. Keep in mind that these ads are part of marketing and currently used more frequently, either to attract customers to an online business or visits to a website.

However, if you are one of the people who do not like this type of action, you can avoid it without any problem. If you are interested in discovering how you can block this type of warning and have a more pleasant time on the Internet here, we leave you a list with the best programs so you can carry out this action in an easy and fast way.

List of the best 10 Ad Blockers Of 2020 and advertising blockers for Chrome, Firefox, Safari, Opera and Edge are listed below:

10. Adguard

best 10 ad blockers Adguard

This software is currently available for Mac, Android, and Windows, it is characterized by blocking all types of advertising content that may appear on different websites.

However, this software is paid, after installing it on some device, the system will give you 14 days for free, so you can enjoy it and know it if you liked it you can buy the Premium version for a year which has a cost around 25 Dollars.

9. HTTPS Everywhere

Best 10 Ad Blockers HTTPS Everywhere

It is another extension that will help you block advertising content that appears in different web browsers, is open source and is available for Chrome, Opera, Firefox. The purpose of this extension is to make websites use the HTTPS connection, which will be much more secure than using HTTP.

This extension has been very well accepted by users and which will help you to carry out a much safer navigation free of ads and advertisements.

8. 1 Blocker

Best 10 Ad Blockers 1 blocker

Not only will this tool allow you to protect your computer or laptop from those advertisements that are causing it a problem, but it will also allow you to protect your mobile device. In this way, you will be able to protect your Smartphone from any advertisement.

This 1Blocker mobile application is currently available for iOS, which has been recently updated and for Mac (Safari 10). It is characterized by saving the battery of your mobile and is also a completely free application.

7. Ad Muncher

Best 10 Ad Blockers Ad Muncher

Currently, this blocker is competing with AdBlock Plus for the first place. It has been characterized in the market thanks to the blacklist system, and this will allow you to edit the pop-up blocker that appears on the different websites of browsers.

Unlike all other blockers, Ad Muncher is software that will have to be installed directly on the computer. This allows it not to be detected by browsers and can evade the blocker, thus causing the appearance of certain advertisements on websites.

This software has several filters, which you can design at your convenience, where you can filter specific addresses, java, background music, plugins, and wallpapers, among other contents of any web page.

6. Ghostery

Best 10 Ad Blockers ghostery

This extension is mainly related to privacy in navigation, which will help you avoid the appearance of any type of content on the Internet, thus blocking all pop-ups, plugins, banners, flash, among others.

Ghostery is running since 2017, and since then, it has a large percentage of downloads and characterized by having a mobile browser. This extension is available for Opera, Edge, and Firefox.

5. Adblocker Ultimate

Best 10 Ad Blockers Adblocker Ultimate

This browser is considered one of the best; currently, this is because it is compatible with virtually all Internet browsers; it also has strict policies. As for its operation, it is one of the most rigorous and is preferred by most users since it does not allow any advertisement to pass. It ensures that you will not encounter any advertising content that can generate much slower browsing.

With this, you can also avoid tracking your activities on the Internet. It does not allow you to keep a browsing history, being a good option for those people who do not want for some reason that their movements on the Internet can see.

4. NoScript

best 10 adblockers no script

This program will also help you prevent any Internet advertising such as java, javascript, plugins, Flash, or any other content that may cause some problems in your system.

Besides, it is an open-source extension that is available for Mozilla and Firefox, has a great backup, and has a high download percentage.

3. uBlock Origin

best 10 adblockers uBlock Origin

This extension is available for Chrome, Edge, Opera, Firefox, Safari and Chromium and is characterized by occupying minimal use of both the processor and the computer memory. Also, it is one of the most downloaded for its exceptional performance.

This extension has a large number of filters where you can edit them yourself to block the type of content you want, whether from the banner, video ads, pop-ups, among others.

2. Adblock

best 10 adblockers adblock

It is an extension that is available for Safari and Chrome, and is currently one of the most downloaded by users and considered one of the best to block any advertisement. It is important to note that AdBlock does not have any relationship with AdBlock Plus despite the considerable resemblance to its name.

AdBlock allows each of its users to use the different tools it offers, where they can decide on the various options, either use the default filters, subscribe to others, create your own, among others. It allows you to restrict appearance of ads and to surf Internet without any problem and in a faster way.

1. Adblock Plus

best 10 ad blockers adblock plus

This blocker will allow you to navigate through the different websites without any advertising so that you can enjoy a cleaner Internet and without any distractions. This program has been characterized as one of the best to carry out this function. Also, it is entirely free and is open source.

This tool will block any ads, pop-ups, banners, or any other advertising tool that may appear. It will help the website to load much faster, allowing the user to enjoy much faster browsing. This tool is available for Chrome, Firefox, and Opera.


Privacy Badger

best 10 ad blockers Privacy Badger

This tool is considered one of the safest when you want to maintain the privacy of your navigation and avoid the appearance of any advertising notice. It is available for Firefox and Chrome, Mozilla, and Opera.

It is currently considered one of the tools of Google of the future, ideal for blocking those contents that you do not want to have on the Internet.


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